Audits and Risk Management

CMD’s Approach to Internal Audit & Risk Management

CMD's Approach to Internal Audit & Risk Management

The risks your business face today can be vastly different from yesterday and tomorrow.  Internal Audit is often asked to take on new roles and responsibilities while still performing their essential functions related to governance, risk and compliance.  CMD will help meet these needs by providing insight, objectivity and assurance services to your business.


A few examples of value:


  • Rebuilt an under-performing Internal Audit function by evaluating their quality system and methodologies, making recommendations for improvement and working side-by-side to implement change.
  • Developed a high impact process for SOX compliance in conformance with COSO 2013.
  • Developed and implemented comprehensive global risk assessment approaches:
    • IT Risk Assessments based off of the COBIT 5 framework.
    • SOX Risk Assessments based off of COSO 2013.
    • Fraud Risk Assessments in concert with the ACFE’s fraud risk assessment tool.
  • Implemented quality assurance and improvement programs to ensure extraordinary department value and conformance with the IIA’s International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.